Your Precious Moments figurines could be worth a pretty penny

News 6 Now newsletter -- 4/26/19

Photos: Wikimedia Commons
Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Here's a shoutout to you for making it to Friday. Here's what we've got for you today:

Trump on vaccinations

President Donald Trump is speaking out amid the measles outbreak in the U.S., saying people have to get their shots because the disease is "really going around now." Find out why he says vaccinations are so important.

Peace out, Fashion Square Mall

Fashion Square Mall is about to go out of style after a developer has entered a contract to purchase the land. See the developer's plans to replace Orlando's longest-operating shopping mall.

Valuable Precious Moments pieces

Photos: Wikimedia Commons
Photos: Wikimedia Commons

If you still have any of your old Precious Moments figurines, they're about to get a whole lot more precious. Find out how to check if your pieces are worth more than what you paid for them.

Cold brew gummies

The only thing better than gummy bears is caffeinated gummy bears, which are now a thing. You're welcome. See the sweet treat that offers an extra jolt and find out how you can try them.

Need plans?

You're never short on options when it comes to making weekend plans in Central Florida. Get a look at the list of events happening in the Orlando area.

Rain, rain go away

After a soggy Friday, the weather is expected to clean up its act just in time for the weekend. Can I get an amen? See the full forecast to find out how warm it will be and whether rain will be an issue.