News 6 Getting Results: Dangerous intersections and wolf-dog mixed breeds rescued

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News 6 is always working to get results in Central Florida.

From stories focused on education and health to crime and showcasing people getting results in our community, News 6 works to make the Orlando area a better place to live.

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories you might be interested in:

Deputies are targeting Volusia County's 33 most dangerous intersections. They say people are getting hurt and dying in wrecks at an alarming rate because of aggressive driving. Erik von Ancken rode along with deputies to see how they get crime results. Watch his story below.

Deputies target Volusia's 33 most dangerous intersections

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida are getting results thanks to the hard work of schools across Central Florida. A Brevard County family is paying it forward after overcoming obstacles. Bridgett Ellison introduces you to the family and reveals this year's pop tabs winners.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida announces pop tabs winners

A recent study shows kids with autism have a higher risk of drowning. Now, a local grandmother is partnering with a local swim school to get results. Kirstin O'Connor explains how Goldfish Swim School is teaching children with special needs.

Goldfish Swim School teaches children with special needs

A Seminole County woman and her husband are working to get results for human trafficking victims because she was one of them. She's hoping to make a change with a cup of coffee. Vanessa Araiza found out Palate Coffee Brewery is more than a coffee shop. Read and watch her story here:

Sanford coffee shop opens dialogue on human trafficking, pours out help to victims

This week's Getting Results Award winner is Kim Kapes, director of In Harmony with Nature Animal Haven. It is a 2 1/2-acre rescue and sanctuary specializing in the wolf-dog mixed breeds. The secluded Orlando facility located under a canopy of oaks is the last stop for many animals that have been abandoned or neglected. Kapes is working to educate new owners and bring them back in harmony with nature. Watch Matt Austin's story on Kapes below.

Wolf dog sanctuary brings animals, owners in harmony with nature

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