Missing emotional-support dog reunited with Kissimmee owner

Details of Khaleesi's discovery not yet known

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Connie Zuniga credits the power of prayer, the power of social media, and News 6 for helping her find her missing therapy dog. The two were reunited at a Kissimmee Walmart parking lot near Vine Street and West Bass Road late Wednesday night.

"I was like there she is," Zuniga said, who had the reunion captured on her husband's cellphone. "It's like real, she's really, really here. It's because of you guys and the police and everybody working together."

Khaleesi had been missing for more than a week after slipping out of the family's home. The Zunigas did have a tracking device on her collar, and tried to find her that way, but they say somehow the tracker turned off during their search. 

The Zunigas contacted Kissimmee police fearing someone had taken Khaleesi on purpose, with no plans to ever bring her back. She also made a plea to the public on News 6 on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, one of Zuniga's friends spotted a Craigslist post about a brown and white husky with a GPS collar being found near Mill Run Boulevard.

Nineteen year old Alyssa Rodriguez is the one who posted the ad. She says she found Khaleesi walking in the rain in her mom's neighborhood, less than a mile away from the Zuniga's home. She took her home with her since she was wet, cold and hungry.

 "She just jump right in my car," Rodriguez said. "So I took her home and gave her a bath and bought her dog food."

So once Zuniga made the call to the number listed on the Craigslist ad, the two connected - and discovered it was indeed Khaleesi.

"So they turned on the GPS and it pings right to her location which is right where her GPS turned off," Zuniga said. 

Rodriguez is just glad Khaleesi is back with her rightful owner.

"I felt really happy since I read she was a therapy dog," she said. "I'm, like, well it's really important to someone and important to return her."

And Zuniga couldn't be happier. 

"You know so many bad things happen nowadays," Zuniga said. "And it's amazing when everybody works together to make my dreams come true. Because my birthday is on Monday and it's the best birthday gift I could ever have - we got her back!"

And this may be the gift that keeps on giving. Turns out Khaleesi may be pregnant.

So Rodriguez may be getting one of her puppies.

Even though a police report was made in this case, Kissimmee police confirm the case is closed and no charges will be filed.