Best of Central Florida: Catering companies that can elevate any party

It doesn’t matter if you have an event of 150 people or a small intimate dinner of your eight closest friends, hiring the perfect caterer can be both fun and challenging.

So, in case you’re wondering who you should hire for you next event, look no further than “Best of Central Florida.”

We’ve got two outstanding caterers that can help you with whatever your needs are. From custom menus to incredible service, these caterers truly are tops.

Makaila’s Choice: Pearson’s Catering

Kim Pearson, the mind behind Pearson’s Catering in Orlando, has a simple motto that she believes in: Empowered women empower women. That’s what her business has been all about, and her food certainly proves that. From smoked meats to delicious brunch, Pearson’s Catering can do it all.

Pearson’s Catering has a dedicated team that is flexible with requests (want Indian food at your event? They can make it happen), and is comfortable with quick turnarounds. Have a small party of 20-25 people with a few days notice? Pearson’s Catering can more than likely help you out.

Justin’s Choice: Bon Voyage Private Dining

Having a dinner party with family of friends over can be so much fun, but the pressure to produce a flawless meal can be a ton of pressure and work. That’s when you need to call in the professionals, and there is no one better than Bon Voyage Private Dining in Clearwater.

When you speak with Executive Chef Matthew Davis, you tell him your likes and dislikes. Then, he’ll come up with a custom menu for your party, and you just have to sign off on it.

Chef Davis and his crew take care of the rest, you’ve got yourself a wonderfully catered meal, and you barely had to lift a finger.