Toronto FC gets full Florida experience when alligator interrupts practice

Team was training in Orlando prior to game in Tampa

Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC got the full Florida experience on Monday when an alligator interrupted practice.

Toronto FC posted a video highlight reel to Twitter with an alligator emoji saying, “Guy didn’t get the memo about closed training.”

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The professional soccer team was in Orlando training prior to its game against Cruz Azul on Tuesday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Toronto lost the game to Cruz Azul 3-1.

At the start of the video, you can see players running to one side of the field when they heard a gator had come to visit.

The alligator was being trailed by a maintenance golf cart, trying to steer it in the proper direction.

At one point, the gator took off running and so did the professional soccer players with excited screams.

You can also see players taking photos from a safe distance with the alligator in the background.

This was an experience to remember for the professional players that hail from all parts of the world. But they learned fast that in Florida it’s an every day occurrence for some.