Miami International asks Orlando International airport to prom, because Twitter

'MCO, prom?' Miami asks in airport 'promposal'

Miami International Airports promposal to Orlando International.
Miami International Airports promposal to Orlando International.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Not wanting to be left out on prom weekend, the Miami International Airport asked the Orlando International Airport to prom. 

“We’re just winging it, but MCO will you go to prom with us?” @IFlyMIA tweeted with a photo of an airplane flying with a heart-shaped control that read “MCO, prom?”

It could have ended with that one weird airport-to-airport tweet, but it didn’t, because Orlando didn’t immediately respond in the affirmative.

“We have many suitors, but our hearts are aflutter, MIA. Stay tuned for our response,” MCO tweeted, with a winking emoji, of course.

To which, Miami responded in true millennial fashion with a GIF. 

“Do I look like a detachable prom date to you?”

No, MIA, you look like an international airport that had more than 44 million travelers pass through a year.

Thankfully, the social media "promposal" ended in peace and love. Orlando International responded with a photo of a boarding gate that said it was departing Orlando and arriving in Miami. It’s status was “Prom Date Official.”

The Burger King fast-foot chain asking out Wendy’s on a business sign likely inspired the strange social media proposal.

Wendy's said yes, as long as the home of the whopper can have them home by 10 p.m.

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