SeaWorld Orlando’s “Inside Look” returning with new experiences

Behind-the-Scenes event happening Nov. 4-5

Shark encounter at SeaWorld Orlando (SeaWorld Orlando)

ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld Orlando is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of its “Inside Look” program.

The behind-the-scenes event offers visitors the chance to learn about the care provided to the park’s animals, as well as ongoing conservation efforts.

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Happening Nov. 4-5, this fan-favorite event is included with regular park admission, providing a unique opportunity for guests to connect with SeaWorld’s dedicated animal care specialists.

“At SeaWorld Orlando, we are always looking for ways to allow guests to dive deeper into the realm of animal conservation,” said Jon Peterson, Park President of SeaWorld Orlando. “Inside Look showcases the hard work our animal care specialists do behind the scenes and educates future generations about how they can help protect endangered species and marine habitats, inspiring a long-lasting commitment to protect these incredible creatures.”

The “Inside Look” program features a range of exclusive experiences, including the following:

  • Inside Marine Mammal Care: Visitors can gain insight into the daily care of SeaWorld’s dolphin pod, from food preparation at the fish house to poolside interactions at Dolphin Cove. Tickets for this experience must be reserved in-person and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Inside the SeaWorld Rescue Center: Learn about the dedicated professionals who work around the clock to provide life-saving care to animals in need. Discover SeaWorld’s Rescue Center’s capacity to care for hundreds of animals at any given time and the incredible impact of their efforts.
  • Inside Aquarium Experiences: Get an exclusive look at two of SeaWorld’s popular aquariums, Shark Encounter and Manta Aquarium. Learn about the care and maintenance required to replicate wild environments for the animals.
  • Inside Pacific Point Preserve: Explore the habitat of California sea lions and harbor seals and hear from animal care specialists who care for them daily.
  • Inside Orca Encounter: Gain backstage access to Orca Encounter, meet animal care specialists, and learn about the care of SeaWorld Orlando’s killer whales.
  • Inside Wild Arctic: Step into the back hallways that provide service access to beluga whales and harbor seals, and meet the team members who care for these incredible animals.

In addition to these exclusive experiences, SeaWorld Orlando presents special presentations and animal care specialist talks during select times throughout the day. Guests can meet members of the SeaWorld Rescue & Dive Teams, hear firsthand stories of animal rescues, and learn about the basics of diving. Animal care specialist talks cover topics such as corals, hammerhead sharks, and sawfish. Guests will also get the opportunity to hear specialty presentations before Dolphin Adventures, Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight and the Orca Encounter.

New experiences this year include:

  • Coral Presentation: Guests will observe and interact with coral biologists as they care for “at-risk” Florida corals, raising awareness about conservation and ocean health.
  • Sharks Presentation: Learn about the care of hammerhead sharks and SeaWorld’s smalltooth sawfish conservation efforts. This year, SeaWorld Orlando welcomed three smalltooth sawfish pups, a significant milestone in the conservation of this critically endangered species.
  • Orca Underwater Presentation: Learn even more about our majestic Killer Whales. Knowledgeable Animal Care Specialists will help you go beyond what you see and learn more about the care and conservation of these incredible marine mammals.

The “Inside Look” program also features the return of the Family Activity Zone, offering games, crafts, and activities for kids and families. A new addition, “Water Works,” allows younger children to explore the critical nature of life support systems through an interactive challenge.

For those seeking an educational adventure, the “Inside Look Scavenger Hunt” invites guests to purchase a map from select SeaWorld retail locations and embark on a journey to explore the “Inside Look” locations. Completing the hunt provides an opportunity to win a special prize.

SeaWorld Orlando’s “Inside Look” program is a remarkable opportunity for guests of all ages to connect with the park’s mission of conservation and animal care. The park encourages people to arrive early, as the event is incredibly popular and well-attended.

Click here to learn more about the “Inside Look” weekend.

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