I-4 Ultimate officals host information sessions to ease headaches during growth

ORLANDO, Fla. – The big drive can mean big headaches for those of us who rely on the highway. For that reason the I-4 Ultimate project has been holding meetings with residents and businesses being impacted by construction.

The latest meeting was at OUC in downtown Orlando, our traffic anchor Amy Biondello has more. 

"It shows that Orlando is really moving and it's transitioning to a bright future," I-4 Ultimate spokesman David Parks said.

Work on the Big Drive is moving along fast, with that progress growing pains are unavoidable. To address the changes I-4 Ultimate officials have been holding periodic meetings to talk directly to those affected. 

"We've done a number of these outreach opportunities in the Maitland area and now that work is starting to really pick up in the downtown area we're coming to some of the larger employers so that commuters can know what they can expect, and what changes are coming ahead,” Parks said.

A recent meeting the OUC was one of the first outreach meetings, which focused on the construction around downtown Orlando. 

"Some of the ways that the transportation is improving is great because what it does, it means that we're moving towards bigger and better transportation options," OUC employee Corey Johnson said.

Since project officials have started hosting these meetings, the overall feedback has been optimistic.  

"It was very informative because it gave us a view of what’s going on in the future and how it’s going to help with the traffic flowing," Gregg Sampson, with OUC, said.  

Amongst the list of concerns brought up by meeting attendees are adding those tolled express lanes. But the small fee was overshadowed at the prospect of by-passing rush hour grid lock.

"Every project, while it's a huge infrastructure project that effects the entire region, when it comes right down to it, it effects an individual’s drive," Park said.