'Drive For Life' campaign urges students not to drink and drive

Paraplegic Kevin Brooks shares his story with North Marion High School

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CITRA, Fla. – Students at North Marion High School got a sobering reminder Monday about the dangers of drunken and distracted driving.

As part of the Drive for Life campaign, paraplegic Kevin Brooks talked to students about his drunken-driving experience that left him wheelchair-bound and his friend dead.

Student body President Jackeria Beard said the goal was to drive home the importance of nondistracted, drug-free driving.

"I just want them to understand the impact, not just for them, but for their families, if they get in a car accident over distracted driving," Beard said.

Drive for Life was organized in 2011 after eight students died over three years in vehicular crashes. The group, along with the Marion County Children's Alliance, previously had unsuccessfully petitioned lawmakers for changes in texting and driving laws.

The group did manage to get a resolution naming a day "Drive for Life" to encourage schools across Central Florida to hold safe-driving seminars.