Not expecting? Don't park in expectant mother parking spots

Trooper Steve explains reserved parking spots

When it comes to parking, we are always on the hunt for the closest spot. At least that is what Chris, of Hunters Creek, told me. Chris said he is always looking for the close spots and was curious how legal the reserved spots are and can he get a ticket for parking in them.

The parking spots he is talking about indicate spots reserved for specific individuals, such as expected mothers, veterans, Purple Heart recipients or business managers. 

These are not Florida Department of Transportation-approved traffic signs; however, when they are located in a private parking lot with public access they belong to the company that maintains that parking area. With that said, if you look closely throughout the parking lot you will find other signs that indicated “Tow Away.” This warns drivers that they are subject to tow if parked in an area not designated for them. 

How do you avoid this? If the sign does not apply to you, then don’t park there.

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