Ask Trooper Steve: Can motorcyclists split lanes?

News 6 traffic safety expert answers viewer questions

By Steve Montiero - Traffic Anchor, Daniel Dahm - Digital Manager

Traffic can be interesting, to say the least, in Central Florida.

But can the type of vehicle that you are driving allow you to skip over certain traffic laws?

Simply put, absolutely not.

All drivers, no matter what vehicle you are driving, are required to follow all the rules of the road.  

Cindy, of Orlando, asked News 6's Trooper Steve, "Is it legal for motorcyclist to split lanes down the interstate?"

"Splitting lanes is a term commonly used when referring to motorcyclists driving between two cars on the highway," Steve Montiero said. "In other states across the country, this is seen when traffic is moving below the posted speed limit. In those states, motorcyclist are allowed to drive in between vehicles in order for them to maintain speed. This is not allowed in Florida."

Florida motorcyclist are required to follow the exact same rules as other cars and are not exempt from waiting in traffic.

"This is not to inconvenience a motorcyclist, but more for their safety," Montiero said. "Can you imagine driving down the interstate on your motorcycle and decide to split lanes and a driver, who does not see you, makes the choice to change lanes? Now, you’re involved in a serious life-threatening crash."

No matter if you’re on two wheels or four wheels, maintaining the flow of traffic is key, but splitting lanes is not permitted.


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