Don’t want to build your own hurricane kit? Here are some you can buy

Remember to grab important documents like medical records, insurance cards, birth certificates

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1, and it’s never too early to start planning for those emergency situations.

While these emergency kits may not have everything you need to survive a storm, they are a good pre-packaged start to your hurricane season.

Quake Care Tornado Hurricane Survival Kit

This Quake Care two-person kit contains lifesaving items to sustain two people for three days in the event of an evacuation or the need to shelter-in-place.

It contains food bars, water pouches, a weather radio, light sticks, ponchos, candles, bug spray, first aid kit, etc.

The total before shipping is $209.

Blue Seventy-Two Family Pack

The Blue Coolers family pack contains four separate packs that contain supplies will last each person for three days.

The backpacks contain food bars, water pouches, first aid kits, flashlights, ponchos, etc.

The total before shipping is $139.99.

Judy Mover Max

The Mover Max is waterproof, contains over 54 live-saving essentials and is designed to sustain a family of four for up to 72 hours.

The rip-and-puncture proof bag is organized into three compartments: water and food, safety and warmth and tools and first aid.

Some of the items inside are a hand-crank radio, first aid kit, meal bars, water, multitool, etc.

The cost before shipping is $156.

Emergency Zone 72-Hour Kits

This four-person kit comes with two backpacks and is designed for three days of supplies.

It contains water pouches, a straw filter, food rations, multitools, first aid kit, sleeping bags, etc.

The cost before shipping is $189.99.

Pet Evac Pak

Don’t forget to prepare for the doggos.

This kit available from Chewy is made for dogs and comes with everything two large dogs would need to survive 72 hours.

It includes food and water supplies, a slip lead, dog first aid supplies and a rope toy among many more items.

The cost before shipping is $86.99.

Cat Survival Kit

The cats are covered as well, with this emergency kit.

It’s also from Chewy and comes with need to evacuate your cat for up to 72 hours.

The kit has food, water, first aid kit, a collapsible litter box, etc.

When preparing your hurricane supplies, don’t forget important documents like medical records, insurance cards, birth certificates, etc.

If you do build your own hurricane kit, the Florida disaster supply kit checklist can be found here.

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