Don’t forget these items when building your hurricane kit

Start preparing your disaster supply kit before a hurricane strikes

ORLANDO, Fla. – With hurricane season starting June 1, it’s important to start planning ahead and gathering any supplies you might need in case of emergency.

That’s where a hurricane kit comes in. You can buy one or build one yourself.

And while what each individual or family has in their kit may look a bit different from household to household, there are a few essential items everyone needs. has this handy checklist for anyone who needs help assembling a disaster supply kit, broken up into key categories, including general, phone numbers, clothing, special needs items, first aid, food and water, important documents, vehicle and pet care items.

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Division Chief Lauraleigh Avery of Orange County Fire Rescue said not to wait until the last minute to rush out and get these items. Not only will you have to deal with crowds and limited availability of items, but it can put a strain on your pocket.

“If they pick up a couple things every time they’re at the grocery store, or, you know, other stores, they can be prepared before a storm is announced,” Avery said.

If you’re on a budget, she added that you can take whatever milk or juice jugs you have in your house, clean them out, fill them up with water and store them in the back of your refrigerator to have if and when needed in the event of a storm.

And remember to look and see what you have already first before filling in the blanks with items you and your household may need.

From there, take preemptive action and get these items in stores or online before a storm hits to ensure your safety and alleviate stress.

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