Lana Del Rey stalker's Facebook comments led to Crimeline tip, records show

Michael Hunt arrested on stalking charges

ORLANDO, Fla. – More than 8,000 people were expected to fill Amway Center on Friday night for the Lana Del Rey concert.

Michael Hunt, 43, planned to be one of the attendees, but, he was arrested on stalking charges before he could make it to the entrance. 

During his first court appearance on Sunday, he declined a defense attorney, telling the judge, "No, sir. The only one that will speak is me."

According to court records, Hunt had been sending messages to the singer via social media. 

Documents show he made comments that said he couldn't live without her. 

A statement he made read, "Well folks I can barely touch the electronics anymore it's probably my last day on Facebook. I hope to see ya'll on the walk about in your life be good and I'll see you on the other side everybody take care of yourself may God bless. Our Queen Forever in both Worlds xoxo I love you so much Lana I can't wait to be back in your arms in a few days baby I hear you singing I miss you baby I miss you so much Lana. I won't need them everybody in the entire Coliseum will know who I am when I get there." 

These comments, along with a Crimeline tip about Hunt's obsession with the artist prompted his arrest Friday night.

Police found tickets to the concert and a 3-inch knife on Hunt.

"With the stalking charge the evidence is much stronger. You know, you have repeated statements. Some of those statements are troubling statements," said News 6 legal analyst, Steven Kramer. 

Hunt's decision to represent himself, Kramer said, was a mistake.

During an interview with detectives, Hunt told them he wasn't going home to Brandon, Florida after the concert.

Instead, he said, was going to the afterlife. 

At times, records say, he was talking gibberish and told detectives he had put something inside them. 

"A lot of times with stalking cases, there can be a mental health element and that very well could be that the state may be looking at the mental health component here, or that they may want to consider some time of mental health diversion," Kramer said.

The Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case.

Hunt remains in the Orange County jail without bail.