What you need to know to score deep discounts at Toys R Us liquidation sales

Orlando-area stores host sales before going out of business

ORLANDO, Fla. – Company officials recently announced that Toys 'R' Us will shutter its hundreds of stores across the nation, but before that happens, inventory will be sold off at deep discounts during liquidation sales.

The going-out-of-business sales are slated to begin Friday at Orlando-area stores. The sales were initially expected to start Thursday, but they were unexpectedly delayed.

The Chicago Tribune reports that in-store discounts will start at about 30 percent beginning Friday then likely get even more significant as the retailer nears the end of its inventory. The sales are expected to last through about June, but highly coveted items will likely sell out early since stores will not be restocked with new inventory.

At a store in Waterford Lakes on Friday, deals included 10 percent off bikes, Barbies, action figures and baby dolls; and 5 percent off video games and Legos.

Before you head to one of nearly half a dozen Orlando-area stores, here's everything you need to know about the liquidation sales.

Are discounts being offered online?
No. Company officials are hoping to sell off its e-commerce operations so you won't find the same discounts online that you'll find in store. Purchases can still be made through ToysRUs.com, but it's unclear how long the site will continue to accept orders.

Can I use a coupon or gift card?
Stores will not be accepting coupons anymore, but gift cards can be used through April 21.

Are loyalty rewards still valid?
No. Loyalty rewards are not being accepted and customers can no longer earn loyalty points, even though online accounts may still show that points are accruing. Endless earnings in the form of e-gift cards will be accepted for 30 days past March 23. Customers can still use their Toys R Us credit cards through the duration of the liquidation sales.

Can I make a return?
Returns made at non-closing stores will be accepted through April 21. Purchases made during liquidation sales are final and cannot be returned.

What about items on layaway?
Customers who have items on layaway will have 21 days to pay the remaining balance and retrieve their items, get a refund on their deposit or forfeit their item and deposit. After 21 days, the retailer reserves that right to sell the merchandise as part of the liquidation sales.

Where can I find a local Toys R Us store?
There are several Toys R Us stores across Central Florida, check out the map below to find one near you.

What if I have a question that was not answered here?
Anyone with questions about store closings is asked to call the Toys R Us customer service department at  1-800-TOYSRUS or 1-800-869-7787 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. You can also click here for the retailer's liquidation sale FAQ page.