Man locks up homeowner's dog during burglary in Conway

Burglar caught on home surveillance video ransacking home

CONWAY, Fla. – A man walked around the back of a Conway house, smashed through a window and crawled inside the residence, the homeowner told News 6 on Thursday.

The burglar was caught on surveillance video inside the home, which is on Flagan Avenue, and can be seen walking around the house with gloves on. He checked every room as the homeowner's dog followed him back and forth.

"It made me super uncomfortable, because someone was here, going through my stuff," said the homeowner, who didn't want to be identified. "(He was) going through my drawers. He had to (have) been watching me, for him to start breaking into the house two minutes after I leave."

When the woman returned home, her front door was unlocked and someone had rummaged through her belongings.

"When I peeked in, everything was on the floor," she said. "My computers were missing. My dogs were running wild and all anxious. I immediately went to the camera to see if I could see the guy's face. I saw his face and called 911 right away."

The video also captured one of the woman's dogs continuing to bark at the man inside the house, until the burglar finally went to the kitchen and yelled for the dog to be quiet.

He then put the dog in a kennel nearby.

"You could hear her barking in the background, but you couldn't see her anywhere," the woman said. "I was like, 'How is he in my house? Who is he?'"

The man is seen on video grabbing a bag and taking all the electronics and jewelry he can find. Then he disappears.

Now, the homeowner said, she'll be taking more precautions.

"I'm getting more cameras," she said. "Cameras are going everywhere around this house. I want to make sure it's safe and secure."