Body of mother of 4 found, but questions remain

Police swarm house that Tashaun Jackson's family says is connected

COCOA, Fla. – Police in Brevard County believe Tashaun Jackson was murdered after she left a 7-Eleven in Cocoa a week ago.

On Saturday, police swarmed a house in Cocoa nearby, that Jackson's family said is connected to the young woman.

News 6 discovered through court records that detail an attempted rape by the person who lives at the home. Jackson's family said she was the one who was attacked.

"I will say that Tashaun was a victim in an attempted rape case," said one family member at a news conference earlier in the week.

Nate Wallace is the last sibling still living after his 31-year-old sister, a mother of four, was killed.

"I'm the last child left, so I'm taking this real hard," Wallace said. "We just want answers."

News 6 will be following up to see if the search is connected to Jackson's disappearance.

Cocoa police said Jackson was found dead in a remote area of Osceola County a week after she never returned from a 7-Eleven store.

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