Sales taxes by county vary, here's where Central Florida counties stand

Osceola County on tap to reach highest sales tax in state

One-cent sales tax being considered in Osceola County.

Florida sales tax helps pay for schools, roads and fire and police departments but each county can add an additional sales tax to help pay for needs of individual communities.

Florida sales tax is currently 6 percent. Local governments can collect up to an additional 1.5 percent in sales tax.

Here's where Central Florida counties stand on additional county sales tax:

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings proposed a 1 cent sales tax increase Thursday during his annual state of the county address following in the footsteps of other Florida county leaders using a sales tax increase to address the growing population.

If Demings proposal makes it in front of Orange County voters and is approved, Orange County would have an additional 1.5 percent sales tax added to the state sales tax.

Osceola County is on the verge of matching the highest sales tax in the state, which is currently in Hillsborough County, at 8.5 percent if a 1 percent increase is approved this month.

If approved, county leaders said it could bring in more than $60 million each year. Early voting on the sales tax increase opened this week.

Both Osceola and Orange county leaders say the increase could help pay for transportation and affordable housing needs.

Volusia County residents voted this week on a measure to add a half cent to their sales tax to help with transportation costs and water quality improvements. The county currently has an additional .5 percent, making sales tax 6.5 percent in the county. If the additional .5 percent is approved the county's total sales tax will go up to 7 percent.

The votes are still being counted but the 20-year tax referendum is expected to pass, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Polk, Seminole and Sumter counties all have an additional 1 percent sales tax bringing the sales tax to 7 percent.