The Weekly Newsletter: Volusia County sheriff talks school shooting threats, hurricane preparedness

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Volusia County Sheriff joins "Weekly" panel

Last year, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood made a commitment that his department will have a zero tolerance approach when it comes to students making school threats. Chitwood said that, even though there's been an uptick in the number of threats, the Sheriff's Office has noticed people are being more observant, The sheriff also told News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth that he's proud of how prepared his county was for Hurricane Dorian. To see his full interview, click here

Couple's video shows moments Hurricane Dorian hits home in Bahamas

John and Tichka Slack are back home in Central Florida, and they have a hurricane survival story to share. At times, the couple said, they thought there weren't going to make it. To see the chilling video of Dorian's winds and waves hitting the home where they were seeking shelter, click here

Personalized presidential brick removed from sidewalk

Afien Casey told News 6 she purchased a brick through Flagler Avenue Business Association that contained the inscription "Trump 2020, Drain Swamp, Brandon & Oma." Casey claims she didn't know the brick was a problem. To read the reasoning as to why the brick was removed, click here

Longwood woman bitten by mama bear

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, the woman was walking her dog in the early hours of Tuesday morning, when she came across a mama bear and two cubs. To hear the 911 calls made after the attack, click here

Manatees freed from retention area in Daytona Beach

A mama manatee and her calf had been stuck in the Halifax Harbor Marina for days before crews removed panels so they could escape. To read why the manatees swam into the marina in the first place, click here

SeaWorld treating first responders in September

Throughout the month, Florida fist responders and 911 operators can get into SeaWorld Orlando free of charge. Click here for ticket information 



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