FBI locates woman who boarded plane at Orlando airport without ticket

Witness says woman was 'belligerent'

ORLANDO, Fla. – The woman who boarded a plane at Orlando International Airport without a ticket and then reportedly became "belligerent" when confronted on Saturday has been located, according to the FBI.

A spokeswoman from the FBI's Tampa division said Tuesday that the ticketless passenger was found, but did not provide information on how they located the woman or whether she provided an explanation for the incident.

According to the Orlando Police Department, the woman boarded a Delta flight to Atlanta Saturday and sat in another passenger's seat. She said she threw her ticket away and she didn't have identification, authorities said.

The incident caused a three-hour delay while officials escorted the woman off the plane and rescreened all the passengers.

Jenni Clemmons said the woman was in her seat when she boarded the plane. The woman told Clemmons, "I'm not moving" when Clemmons told her she was in the wrong seat.

"I was taken aback by that so I called a flight attendant over and she looked on the manifest and said, 'You're definitely supposed to be in that seat.'  And she asked the lady for her name and she gave her, her last name. Within the first two or three minutes, she discovered she wasn't on the manifest at all," Clemmons said.

 The woman argued with flight attendants, police and pilots for about 45 minutes, according to Clemmons.

"She was just belligerent from the beginning, threatening me, using bad language, yelling," Clemmons said. "Basically when they asked for ID ,she showed a selfie of herself on the cellphone. She was just saying, 'Here's my ID' and they were saying, 'Ma'am that's a picture of you.' She was saying 'I don't have an ID, I left my ID at home because I don't drive,' various reasons why she didn't have an ID. But she kept showing literally a selfie of herself." 

TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz only said the woman was "screened" but would not answer questions about if TSA agents checked the woman's identification and/or boarding pass.

Orlando International Airport spokesperson Carolyn Fennell said there was no security breach.

Clemmons believes the woman was able to sneak around the TSA counter where IDs and boarding passes are checked and also slip past Delta gate agents.

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