Melbourne police net 8 arrests during 2 SWAT drug house raids

Police say they received complaints about houses for frequent drug sales

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Multiple arrests were carried out in two separate drug-related raids by Melbourne police Jan. 22, according to arrest reports released to News 6 partner Florida Today.

Investigations into two residences, one at 1810 Pine Street and one at 219 Fee Avenue culminated in raids by SWAT officers Friday. Officers had obtained search warrants in reference to the ongoing sale of illegal drugs at each of the houses.

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Police had received complaints from others in the area about the houses being frequently visited for the purposes of drug sales.

According to police reports, three warrants had been served on the Fee Avenue home in the past year because of suspected drug sales.

Officers found 4.5 grams of methamphetamine at the home in addition to several items of drug paraphernalia, police said.

At the Pine Street home, police said they found 4.2 grams of methamphetamine and several items of paraphernalia in addition to ammunition.

Those arrested at the Fee Avenue home include: Jerome Kenerly Jr., 37; John Edward Key, 39; Anna Heinly, 34; and Sarah Kenerly, 35.

Those arrested at the Pine Street home include: Richard Heinrich Jr., 37; Carolyn Daly, 36; Francis Plante, 52; and Kelly McCauley, 35.

All arrested face charges related to possession of methamphetamine and controlled substances.

Police have not said if the two arrest warrants were connected.

No further details were available Wednesday.