Woman sues Orange County Sheriff’s Office claiming excessive use of force

Lawsuit claims car crashed into her home, she was arrested for resisting arrest

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando area woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, she claims a deputy used excessive force on her after a driver crashed their car into her home.

According to the lawsuit, the incident happened on Dec. 28, 2017.

She claimed she had arrived home from a doctor's appointment to find a car had hit her home at the intersection of Nashville and 40th Street.

When she tried to get insurance information from the driver, the lawsuit claimed an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy on the scene “verbally assaulted her.”

She claimed when she stopped to look at him, it turned physical.

She wrote: "He threw me to the ground and pounced his knees into my back."

“I remember shrieking in pain as he twisted my arm and shoulder up past its normal range of movement... until I felt and heard a snapping sound in my elbow,” she added.

"He dragged me into his police car, he pushed me in and slammed the door on my knee," she wrote.

According to the lawsuit and other court records, the woman was taken to the Orange County Jail, where she was booked on a charge of resisting an officer without violence.

It claimed she was then transported to a local hospital for treatment.

According to court records, the Office of the State Attorney decided not to prosecute her on the criminal charge.

The lawsuit claimed her pain resulting from the incident has lingered.

She said she has had several surgeries totaling more than $300,000.

Her attorney was seeking compensatory damages that could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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