Survey says? Universal seeks input from passholders amid coronavirus pandemic

Hypothetical question asks about park opening July 1 at 50% capacity

ORLANDO, Fla. – Universal Parks has sent out a reopening survey to passholders.

“What is it going to take to make the team members comfortable and what is it going to take to make the guests comfortable," said Duncan Dickson, University of Central Florida professor of theme park management.

Florida is currently in phase one of reopening amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Park officials said they want feedback about how they can welcome guests to the parks safely when the time comes.

Here are some of the topics the survey touched on:

  • Your current financial situation amid COVD-19 pandemic
  • How recently have you went to a Central Florida theme park
  • Do you plan on renewing a Universal Pass?
  • Are you an essential worker?
  • Questions on how COVID-19 has impacted you
  • Where do you get the latest COVID-19 information from?
  • What symptoms do you consider most related to COVID-19?
  • What precaution and safety measures can theme parks take?
  • Ask the passholder do they think they had COVID-19
  • What kind of vacation will you plan later this year?
  • What would make you comfortable to visit theme parks?
  • What screening methods should guests take to enter the theme parks?

The survey also asks a hypothetical question if the parks reopen on July 1 at 50%, when would you feel comfortable visiting the parks.

“They are paying more attention to Monday when Shanghai Disney opens. All the major theme park operators are going to keep a close eye on how that goes," Dickson said.

Universal parks have been closed since the middle of March.

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