Oviedo at center of Seminole County coronavirus hot spot

Officials monitoring increase in cases

New data from Seminole County leaders show strong signs of a surge in positive COVID-19 cases.
New data from Seminole County leaders show strong signs of a surge in positive COVID-19 cases.

OVIEDO, Fla. – New data from Seminole County leaders show strong signs of a surge in positive COVID-19 cases.

Oviedo mayor Megan Sladek finds her city at the center of this supposed spike.

“I get the feeling people are tired of COVID but COVID is not tired of us,” she said. “The next two weeks we are looking to see if we can flatten the curve with hospital capacity at a little higher spot. Previously we flattened it with hospital capacity at 55%.”

Seminole County's coronavirus heat map. (Seminole County)

New data shows shows there were 264 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Seminole County from June 8-15. County leaders provided this data to News 6:

The majority, 153 patients, were adults between the ages of 18-30.

Age breakout of new patients is as follows:

• 5 patients aged 0-10

• 43 patients aged 11-20

• 114 patients aged 21-30

• 36 patients aged 31-40

• 27 patients aged 41-50

• 14 patients aged 51-60

• 15 patients aged 61-70

• 7 patients aged 71-80

• 2 patients aged 81-90

• 1 patient aged 91-100

Total patients hospitalized currently are on the rise, with 17 patients hospitalized today, up from five last Wednesday.

This comes after the county continues to deal with a record breaking number of positive coronavirus cases following Memorial Day weekend.

"Our hope is this is a blip or an anomaly based on the holiday schedule," Seminole County Commissioner Jay Zembower said. "And I think the messaging to people gets out and we get back to the community doing the right thing. If that happens, hopefully we don't have to take additional measures. If it doesn't happen, we're going to have to have some consideration of what we do to protect the community."

Zembower told News 6 there are no immediate plans to scale back reopening or mandate masks.

"It's literally impossible to enforce a mandatory mask wearing campaign," he explained.

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County leaders said the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management has been under a local state of emergency since March 2.

A pop up COVID-19 testing site is set to open near a known cluster of COVID-positive patients at Carillon Elementary School on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The school is located at 3200 Lockwood Boulevard in Oviedo. An additional test site is set to open Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Spring Lake Elementary School in Altamonte Springs.

“As we get hot spots, there will be trace testing or pop up testing sites,” Zembower added. “The reality with the testing sites we had set up, some test sites we had three or four people show up.”

Click here to see Seminole County’s coronavirus dashboard.

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