DNA on letters among evidence used to indict former Seminole County tax collector, feds say

Memo: Joel Greenberg used personal email domain to create fake profile

Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg was indicted in federal court Tuesday on charges of stalking and unlawful use of means to identify another person in an attempt to upset a fellow candidate, according to court records filed in the Middle District of Florida.

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A memo filed Wednesday in the case against former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg outlines some of the evidence used to arrest him on federal stalking charges, including DNA and fingerprints on letters.

U.S. attorney Maria Chapa Lopez filed the memo in response to Greenberg’s request for a bill of particulars that would identify the victim in the stalking case.

In June, Greenberg was accused of spreading false information about a local school teacher who was also his political opponent by setting up a fake social media account claiming to be concerned coworker of the victim. Using those accounts, Greenberg made false claims that the victim had sexually assaulted a male student who sought advice about his sexuality, records show.

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A criminal investigation found the victim did not have any sexual contact with any students.

Prosecutors said Greenberg also created a Twitter account using the victim’s image in order to make it seem as if the victim were a white supremacist.

According to the document filed Wednesday, Greenberg used his personal email domain -- @joelgreenberg.net -- to create the fraudulent Twitter profile.

Records show both the Facebook and Twitter profiles were set up using an IP address that traced back to Greenberg’s home.

Additionally, nine letters were sent to the school where the victim worked that included a document made to look as if it were a screenshot from the victim telling the male student on Facebook, “Please remember to keep this a secret. I could go to jail,” according to the memo.

Prosecutors said Greenberg’s DNA and fingerprints were found on those letters.

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As far as the request for a bill of particulars, Lopez is asking that it be denied because the victim’s name is mentioned 400 times and the school where he works is mentioned 300 times in the documents provided as part of discovery.

In the same memo, Lopez also mentions that there is an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the federal stalking case. No details were provided on who that person is or how they might be connected to the crime.

In addition to the stalking charge, Greenberg is also accused of using discarded driver’s licenses from his office to make fake IDs with his picture and the victims’ identifying information on them. He’s facing charges in that case as well.

Greenberg has since resigned from office.

His attorney filed a motion earlier this week to have the stalking charge dismissed.

A status hearing in Greenberg’s case is scheduled for Aug. 21.