SpaceX launches Earth-observing satellite for Argentina

After scrubbing its morning launch due to inclement weather Sunday, SpaceX successfully made a second launch of the day at 7:18 p.m.

The payload consisted of an Earth-observing satellite for Argentina.

Due to the ULA scrub, SpaceX delayed its launch for the Argentina Space Agency, or CONAE, which was scheduled for Friday.

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This particular launch was unique because the satellite requires a polar orbit to get above the South Pole. It’s the first satellite with a polar-orbit launching from Florida since Nov. 30, 1960. Most polar launches happen from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base because a polar launch from Florida puts the rocket trajectory over land, specifically Cuba.

The launch also included a landing back at Cape Canaveral, the first since March. All other rocket booster landings this year have been in the Atlantic Ocean on a droneship.

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