50 pounds of pot found stuffed in suitcases during Sumter County traffic stop, troopers say

K-9 Titan helped locate drugs

Troopers say K-9 Titan helped uncover 50 pounds of marijuana. (Florida Highway Patrol)

SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. – Troopers in Sumter County uncovered suitcases stuffed with bags upon bags of vacuum-sealed marijuana during what would have been an otherwise routine traffic stop, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Records show troopers pulled over 25-year-old Martez Davis Tuesday afternoon on northbound Interstate 75 because his tint was too dark and he made an illegal lane change and immediately noticed that he appeared nervous and his hands were trembling.

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Troopers said they could see marijuana residue inside the vehicle so they asked Davis to step out of the silver Nissan Rogue while they conducted the traffic stop.

K-9 Titan was brought in and alerted on the Nissan, at which time Davis said he didn’t have a medical marijuana card and he didn’t know why the canine would alert, according to the report.

Davis was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle and made a phone call.

Vacuum-sealed bags filled with marijuana were found stuffed in suitcases during a traffic stop in Sumter County, troopers say. (Florida Highway Patrol)

Records show troopers conducted a search of the Nissan and found a shopping bag that contained two large vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana in the backseat and two large suitcases in the trunk.

After K-9 Titan alerted on those suitcases, they were opened and another 48 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana were found, according to authorities. Troopers said each bag weighed about a pound.

Davis was taken into custody and troopers said they later reviewed video that showed him talking on his phone while the search was being conducted.

Records show that in the first call, Davis said, “I just got pulled over with all that (expletive), bro,” then he got out of the patrol vehicle and said that the troopers were conducting an illegal search because he didn’t give consent.

Troopers say they found 50 pound of marijuana during a traffic stop in Sumter County. (Florida Highway Patrol)

Davis then received a call from a man who told Davis troopers would need an extra warrant to unlock the suitcases but that, “There’s two keys in the backseat though,” referring to the bags of marijuana, the report said. Davis replied, “What the (expletive) are you doing? I didn’t have none of that,” as the male on the phone said he told Davis the drugs were in the backseat, according to the affidavit.

Records show Davis called a female after that phone call ended and she said, “You had all the stuff in there.” Davis also reportedly muttered to himself before troopers opened the suitcase that he “got caught with 50 P’s,” meaning 50 pounds of marijuana.

He’s facing charges of marijuana possession and trafficking.