Revitalization of Tangelo Park YMCA may soon get greenlight as Orange County takes initiative

Work sessions underway to see how much renovation project would cost

Orange County leaders say they are looking to revamp an Orlando neighborhood by taking over the area’s YMCA.

TANGELO PARK, Fla. – Orange County leaders say they are looking to revamp an Orlando neighborhood by taking over the area’s YMCA.

This renovation comes after the county ended its contract with the YMCA of Central Florida after the YMCA announced it would forever close its doors at the beginning of the year.

“I think this is a cornerstone, this is something that I think the community needs and I think they deserve it,” County Commissioner Victoria Siplin said.

Siplin said the county has big plans for the Tangelo Park YMCA.

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The county hopes to revitalize the center possibly converting the building into a community center to better serve the area residents.

Siplin explained, “Instead of letting this be an eye sore, I think we can bring more services and more resources to the residents here.”

This comes as a big sigh of relief for residents like Glenda Collins who said the center is needed in the community, especially for its resources and its proximity to the neighboring elementary school.

“I understand there are computer labs in this Y, and there are so many children that need those labs to complete their homework and just have a place to come after school,” Collins said.

Leaders with the YMCA of Central Florida said due to COVID-19 funds have been low, and while they are no longer a building lease holder; don’t count them out just yet.

Dan Saginario, an YMCA executive, said, “So we’re going to transition into from being a building operator to really being a service provider and continuing to look at after-school programming and other services with the county.”

Siplin said work sessions are already underway, and since the county board has not yet approved the renovation project the next steps in their process are finding ways to fund it.

“One of the funding options is the I-drive CRA, we’re also in discussion to expand the usage of some of the funds,” Siplin said.

Orange County leaders said while the fate of the Tangelo Park YMCA is still being decided they will be sure to keep the people in mind.

News 6 will be sure to keep you up to date on all revitalization plans.

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