Drop-off boxes back on the table in Republican-led election bill

Bill is in drafting phase

During a Florida Senate Rules Committee meeting on Wednesday, a change was made to the draft of Senate Bill 90, which would allow for drop-off ballot boxes at some locations.

In the initial draft of the bill, these boxes would be illuminated at locations not operated by the United States Postal Service.

Patricia Brigham, President of The League of Women Voters of Florida said despite allowing for the drop-off boxes at early voting sites during early voting hours and Supervisor of Elections Offices, she said Florida Senate Bill 90 limits voter access in Central Florida.

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“These bills are needless. They are a solution in search of a problem,” Brigham said. “Very convenient, especially since Florida being a tourism destination, so many Floridians who service workers, work all sorts of odd hours and overnight shifts. Having those boxes, those drop boxes is essential.”

State Senator Deniss Baxley said on Wednesday despite Florida having a seemingly successful election in 2020, this bill would help ensure future elections will be just as secure.

“I don’t think we should sit on our laurels and congratulate each other on a successful election. Now, instead, our time is better spent learning lessons from the problems in other states,” Baxley said. “We all lose when people have no confidence in the integrity of an election. That’s what we want to avoid. It’s critical to safeguard against abuse and continue to maintain the integrity of our free and fair elections.

There are two different versions of election bills making their way through both the Florida house and senate. Both versions require voters to resubmit their vote-by-mail request every two years. The current law requires this to be done once every four years. Also, I.D.s will be required when dropping off a ballot.

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