Orlando police chief responds to viral video showing officers ordering men to the ground

Chief Orlando Rolon says officers acted appropriately after report of armed robbery

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said his officers acted appropriately when conducting a stop of two black men riding their bikes on Monday night.

This comes after one of the men posted the beginning of the interaction on social media, now viewed more than 2 million times showing the two men riding their bikes on a sidewalk when confronted by officers with their guns drawn.

“What happened? We ain’t do nothing,” the man yelled at police as his friend quickly laid on the sidewalk with his hands up. Officers continue to yell ‘Get on the ground’ before ordering the men to crawl to them.

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A newly released body camera video from OPD released late Thursday afternoon shows video from the officers’ perspective.

A gun was pointed at the men as they crawled towards the officer’s vehicles. The young men, clearly confused, complied.

“If you don’t have a gun, we’ll clear you,” officers can be heard.

According to police, the officers were investigating an armed robbery on International Drive on Monday night.

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