CHOOSE YOUR VIEW: How to watch Fireworks at the Fountain on News 6 and

Watch up to 15 different angles at

ORLANDO, Fla. – Fireworks at the Fountain is returning to Orlando and News 6 viewers will have more than a dozen ways to watch this Fourth of July.

In the hours leading up to the show, News 6 will offer multiple viewing options on its digital platforms, showcasing all the preparations and anticipation leading up to the fireworks.

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To see the crowds and preps from every angle, visit

As the day goes on and we get closer to the main event, more and more viewing options will begin to pop up.

Among some of the angles will be live cams, including News 6′s Orlando Health camera over downtown Orlando, News 6 reporters and anchors going live from their spots across Lake Eola, Sky 6 as it flies over The City Beautiful and, of course, various News 6 photographer’s cameras set up in several spots that will offer amazing views of the fireworks, including the bandshell and pagoda.

Also on, News 6 meteorologists Tom Sorrells and Samara Cokinos will be doing live hits from the News 6 weather center to help keep tabs on the weather in case it could affect the event. Be sure to tune in every 30 mins for those updates.

Of course, fireworks displays are stunning to view in person but if you’re still playing it safe during the pandemic, all of the viewing options listed above make great alternatives and allow you to safely see the show from the comfort of your own home.

On the same page just after 9 p.m., you’ll also be able to catch the News 6 live newscast, which will air the fireworks show in its entirety. If you prefer to watch that on a bigger screen, you can tune in to News 6 at the same time on your TV. If you have a smart TV of any kind, you can also download the free News 6 app and watch the live newscast there.

Watching it on the free News 6 mobile app on your smart device is also another great option. Watching fireworks while in jammies from your bed? Yes, please.

Basically, your viewing opportunities are endless this Fourth of July, so please join us in celebrating Independence Day by visiting to choose your view of Fireworks at the Fountain.

Happy Fourth!