Changes have arrived to PinIt! Here’s what you need to know

Share all of the best sights from all over Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 wants to see what is happening in your life and share it with all of Central Florida.

Many of you have already been sharing photos and videos with us through PinIt!

[VIDEO: Insider Guide Crystal Moyer explains how to use PinIt!]

In an effort to make the PinIt! experience even better and easier for all of you, we have made some changes.

The next time, or possibly the first time, you go to upload a picture or video, you’ll see a new set of channels and categories.

Here’s a look at all the channels and what you can post there:

Sports: It’s pretty self-explanatory, but let’s break it down. We want to see you and your family enjoying all kinds of sports — everything from Little League to the Super Bowl. Did you just finish your first marathon? Post a picture of you and your medal. Did your child make it to the championship game? Be sure to PinIt! A weekly pickup game with your friends? Yup, pin that too.


The Championship game started disastrously with our Captain, Javi Rodriguez breaking his thumb 2 minutes in! The Pittsburgh Steelwheelers got a good lead on us but we cut it to 4 by 1/2 time. Still down by 4 going into the 4th quarter. That's when our defense really clamped down on them. Both teams pressed for the final 10 minutes but we held them to 4 points for the whole period. In the end, the Orlando Magic Wheels are coming home with the National Championship with a 41-36 victory! Our 1st in over 20 years of competing.


Florida Foodie: It’s already a podcast and newsletter, but now there is a Florida Foodie pins channel. Now is your chance to be that person who can’t eat without taking a picture of your meal. Share pictures from your date night, your favorite lunch spot or even your favorite recipe.

Thomas Mates

Muffaletta from Tibby's

Outdoor Life: Are you a fan of fishing and boating or do you just enjoy hitting the beach? Share your favorite spots for outdoor recreation right here.

Space: We are lucky to have NASA right in our backyard. We get to witness rocket launches on a regular basis and they always make for spectacular photos and videos. We also want to see all of your skygazing photos. Great shots of the moon or a beautiful sunset. It all belongs here.

Daniel Fisher

Took this photo while searching for the "green" comet in early February 25th I am sure 😀


Central Florida Happenings: There is always something happening in our area. Festivals, fairs, carnivals — it is never a dull moment in Central Florida. Send us your pictures of the fun events and happenings going on in your community. If you’re not sure what is going on around you, then subscribe to our Central Florida Happenings newsletter and you’ll never miss out on a good time.

Setting The Stage: Our area has an amazing arts scene. We have musical acts from all over making their way to Central Florida. Plus, we have plays and musicals to take in and enjoy, not to mention some incredible museums. Sends us your pictures of all the great performances happening around Florida. You can also post a selfie with any of the great pieces of public art in your community. We want to see it all. Also, be sure to sign up for the Setting The Stage newsletter to keep up with all of the arts and entertainment events happening in our area.

Pets: We all love our pets. Whether they are cats, dogs or something a little more exotic, we want to feature your beloved companion. Share pictures of your pup on a walk or your cat stalking a laser pointer. Is your tortoise due for a bath? Post a picture to PinIt! Whether it scampers, squirms, flies or swims, share your pet with all of us.

Traffic: Traffic is a nightmare, but in Florida, it can also be a source of entertainment. Here, you can post pictures of the wild sights you see on Florida’s highways and byways that we can share on What The Honk!? Do you have a question about the rules of the road? Post a short video of yourself here and Trooper Steve will give you the answer. Also, when you see a problem on the road, be sure to share those pictures so we can keep all our viewers informed.

Strange Florida: Florida is an odd place with a lot of unique sights and we want to see them all. Have you spotted a gator somewhere they don’t belong? PinIt! Spotted the skunk ape? PinIt! Is Grandma trying to jump the river in her Trans Am, again? Call the authorities, but then make sure you pin a picture.

Getting Results: We are all about getting results from Central Florida. This is the place where you share the people in your community who are making a difference. Let us know if you want to nominate them for a Getting Results Award. This is also a great spot for you to show us what needs to be fixed in your community. Is there a dangerous intersection or a problem with speeding? Pin a picture and let us know.

In The Loop: Central Florida is synonymous with theme parks. We want to see all of your photos from the thrills, chills and spills of Central Florida’s attractions. Show us everything from your first trip to Disney to your 100th ride on the VelociCoaster. Also, be sure to sign up for the In The Loop newsletter to stay on top of all the latest news coming out of the parks.

Landon McReynolds,Tiffany

Walt Disney World

Bay Lake

Check out the Florida Foodie podcast. You can find every episode in the media player below:

About the Author:

Thomas Mates is a digital storyteller for News 6 and He also produces the podcast Florida Foodie. Thomas is originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania and worked in Portland, Oregon before moving to Central Florida in August 2018. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Journalism in 2010.