Clogged toilet leads to 5 arrests at Papa Bees restaurant in Longwood

Five women face charges of disorderly conduct and battery

LONGWOOD, Fla. – A clogged toilet at Papa Bees restaurant in Longwood ended with a large fight on Saturday evening, according to the police department.

In an arrest report, police said that they responded to the restaurant around 9:50 p.m. after receiving reports about the fight.

Upon arrival, police learned that a worker at the restaurant had been attacked by a group of customers shortly beforehand, the report shows.

According to the worker, one of the toilets had been stuffed with toilet paper, and the only customers in the restaurant at that time were a group of five women, police said.

One of the women had gone to the restroom earlier in the evening, and it was after that point that waitstaff found the toilet “stuffed with toilet paper in excess,” the arrest report reads.

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As a result, the worker told the customers that they needed to leave, explaining that the restaurant was closed, the group had already paid their tab, and she “was aware” that one of the women was responsible for the stuffed toilet, police said.

Police said they learned from the worker that the customers then began yelling at her, with one of them eventually standing up and punching the worker in the face.

The remaining four women then began to “join in the punching, kicking, pulling hair, and throwing items at (the worker),” the report reads. Investigators said that the worker suffered a laceration and bruises.

Other staff at the restaurant told police that the women threw cups and salt shakers at them while they were trying to break up the fight, according to police.

The five women ultimately fled through the front door and ran toward the back of the building, where they were captured by law enforcement, detectives said.

Longwood fire crews arrived to treat those who were injured, and police took the following women into custody:

  • Keiyanda Charles, 24
  • Kenisha Charles, 18
  • Tyesha Charles, 19
  • Jasmine Cline, 26
  • Jahleigha Smith, 20

The five suspects told police that the worker had come up to them while they were chatting at the table and was “very rude and disrespectful,” telling them to leave the store, police said.

According to the women, they were getting up to leave, which is when the worker pushed Cline in the chest, and other employees began joining in the alleged attack, the report says.

Detectives said that the women claimed to be the victims, accusing another employee of locking the front door to the restaurant to prevent them from leaving until law enforcement arrived.

However, surveillance video shows that one of the women had indeed punched the worker in the face, prompting the other four women to attack before other employees were able to break up the fight, investigators said.

All five women face charges of disorderly conduct, battery and criminal mischief.

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