Let's settle this once and for all

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 8/20/19


There is a SERIOUS debate taking place right now and I need your help settling it.

How hot is too hot when it comes to setting the thermostat at home? The suggestions from one program -- in my honest opinion -- are just way too dang hot.

I'll give you the numbers they suggest in a second, but we have a few other big stories to cover on this busy Tuesday.

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🔎 Missing boaters

The search for two firefighters who were last seen leaving for a fishing trip in Florida Friday is still underway. Despite the fact that it has been days, the wife of one of the men isn't losing hope, which is why she's boarded a plane to look for them. Get the latest on the search efforts and follow the story as it develops. 


Could the Gulf Stream affect the search for the boaters? News 6 meteorologist Jonathan Kegges explains its potential impact.

🌧️ Strong storms

We got a little break from rain Monday, but rain chances have already climbed back up a bit Tuesday to 50 percent. Strong storms could cause flooding in the Orlando area, so be careful. Will the wet weather cool temperatures at all? Check the full forecast to find out.

🚬 E-cigs and blood vessels

If you're someone who thinks using e-cigarettes is harmless because they're not cigarettes, or some don't contain nicotine, a new study says otherwise. In fact, the study found that e-cigs change blood vessels after just one use. And in that case, the e-liquids used didn't even contain nicotine. Learn more about the study's findings and what they could mean.

🔭 Look up tonight

Meteorologist Jonathan Kegges has been busy Tuesday writing all kinds of weather-related stories for us. Of course, he had to let us know what's happening in the sky tonight. Jupiter has been showing off the last couple of months anyway, but Tuesday night,  the planet will be joined by four of its moons. You won't want to miss it. Find out the best way to see the impressive lineup and what you should know before.

💰 Pull your weight, dog

It's time for the pups to start doing their part around the house, don't you think? I think we can all agree it'd be nice to have a little help with the bills now and then. Hotels.com wants to pay the right pup for its new canine critic paw-sition. See the full job description and how you can apply for your pup's chance at a paycheck.

👊 Fast food Twitter battle

Fast-food chains can be total savages online. I mean, have you ever seen Wendy's' Twitter? The company will roast you -- pun intended. Anyway, there's a Twitter battle -- also known as the Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019 -- taking place among several chains as we speak, and it appears a tweet from Popeyes Chicken started it all. Get the lowdown on the beef between the chains and what it's all about.

🔥 Settle this debate

OK, here's where I need your help: A federal program has recommended you keep your home no cooler than 78 degrees. I know journalists aren't supposed to share their opinions on things, but I'm too passionate about not sweating inside to keep quiet about this. What's even worse: The program also suggests setting your thermostat at 82 degrees while you're sleeping. I'm sorry, but you may as well sleep outside at that point. See the program's recommendations and the reasons behind them.

Am I being dramatic about the whole temperature thing? I had a roommate in college who would wait for me to fall asleep to set the thermostat at almost 80 degrees. It's safe to say we did not live together after the first year.🙅‍♀️
In my opinion, the temperature should be no higher than 74 degrees during the day and should drop to about 70 at bedtime, if not cooler. What do you think? Do you agree with the program's suggested temps? Email me your ideal thermostat settings at BVolz@wkmg.com and we'll settle this once and for all.

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