Adorable 8-year-old girl dances into spotlight at Magic Kingdom

Girl dressed as Princess Tiana goes viral

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – A cute 8-year-old girl dressed as Princess Tiana from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" added a touch of magic to the usual entertainment line up at the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. 

A video of Sydney Russell's impromptu dance moves near the Main Street Philharmonic Band while they played the song "When I'm Human" from "The Princess and the Frog" has gone viral.

After a period of dancing off to the side with her parents, a cast member comes alongside Sydney and extends his arm out, escorting Sydney in front of the band to dance for the crowd.

While dancing, members of the crowd and band cheered Sydney on as she displayed her dancing prowess.

Midway through her dance routine her shoe comes off, but that didn't stop Sydney. Sydney said she tried to put her shoe back on while dancing, but decided to forget it and focus on her performance.

The heartwarming video of Sydney has garnered 11,000 shares and 22,000 likes on Facebook through her mother's account as of Thursday evening.

"He (the cast member) just took her out there, and she just seized the moment and let the music take her away," mother Tiffany Russell said.

Russell said her daughter has a history with dance. Sydney started dance lessons at age 3, according to her mother, and has since tried jazz, ballet, and tap classes, but musical theater has been her favorite. 

"I love to do theater," Sydney said. "I've been in four or five plays, and it is just really me; that's my personality."

Sydney said she chose to dress up as Princess Tiana because the two of them have a lot in common. 

The Russells were invited back to the Magic Kingdom on Friday for a special meet and greet with Princess Tiana.

"This was just an awesome moment seeing her out there dancing," Russell said. "Performing arts has really allowed her to blossom and coming into her own as an individual."

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