Best Foot Forward: Orlando police aim to keep pedestrians safe

Drivers face minimum fine of $164, 3 points on their license


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police on Wednesday launched a crackdown on drivers at crosswalks.

The initiative, dubbed Operation Best Foot Forward, is geared to keep pedestrians safe.

"Drivers approaching a pedestrian (who is) legally crossing a street must yield to allow the pedestrian to cross," Orlando police tweeted.

Thirty-five pedestrians have died in 2019 while trying to cross the street in Orange and Osceola counties, according to state reports.

During the crackdown Wednesday, deputies and officers deployed a decoy pedestrian to cross at the crosswalk. Drivers caught breaking the law were issued a ticket.

“If you see someone that is trying to get across or even looks like they are trying to get across, you need to yield. That’s the easiest way,” John Keith, with the Orlando Police Department, said.

The crosswalk at Columbia Street and Kuhl Avenue, next to Orlando Health, has heavy foot traffic. That intersection was just one of eight crosswalks throughout Orange County, Orlando and Kissimmee with a decoy. 

Drivers breaking the law face a minimum fine of $164 and three points on their license.

Keith said pedestrians also need to be mindful when crossing.

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