What the Honk: Knock on wood

Trooper Steve discerns the improper from the inconsiderate

ORLANDO, Fla. – It is the craziest travel time of the year.

With Thanksgiving obviously tomorrow, please take extra time out on the roads and don’t be any of the following turkeys.

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Unregistered bikes and scooters parking where ever they please is becoming a trend around here. (Copyright 2022 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

This is a problem all throughout Central Florida, but an even bigger issue down in Kissimmee. Unregistered scooters and bikes all across the area, driving around like they own the place.

This one here though, “Let me just park in the loading zone of a disabled parking space.” Either keep it at home or put a license plate on it.

Creative, legal, but be careful. (Copyright 2022 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

Next up, creativity at its finest. Nothing illegal here, but definitely a “What The Honk” moment. Material like this makes this segment possible.

This is the type of vehicle you would need to make sure that you are overly cautious when next to the pump.

I got to be honest, I have never seen a vehicle constructed mostly of wood. Love it.

Some would think this isn’t a big deal while others obviously see the issue here.

I always say: Don’t make your mistakes other drivers’ mistakes.

This would technically be running a red light, or an improper turn. If you find yourself in the wrong traveling lane, just go with the flow and correct yourself later. If another driver was not expecting this driver’s detour, this could have been a mess.

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Steven Montiero, better known as “Trooper Steve," joined the News 6 morning team as its Traffic Safety Expert in October 2017. A Central Florida native and decorated combat veteran, Montiero comes to the station following an eight-year assignment with the Florida Highway Patrol.