Weather pattern change could help steer Lee, bring temperature changes to US

Dip in jet stream to bring cooler, drier air across nation

Jet Stream Dip

ORLANDO, Fla. – The pattern in the upper levels of the atmosphere is expected to change early next week, according to model data.

The jet stream is expected to make a dramatic dip to the south, allowing cooler and drier air to move across a good chunk of the nation.

For Central Florida, daytime highs are expected to remain above-average, according to the graphic below from the Climate Prediction Center.

We’re not talking about 30s or 40s, but most areas shaded in blue have a high probability of seeing high temperatures below-average from Sept. 12-17.


Not only will the jet stream pull in a drier and cooler air mass across numerous states next week, it’s also expected to also steer Hurricane Lee away from Florida.

Long-range tropical models, also known as spaghetti models, are in pretty good consensus showing the center of Hurricane Lee making a sharp turn to the north next week and away from Florida when the jet stream is expected to dip to the south.

Lee models

Now, there are a few more factors to consider with this particular set up. A Bermuda high over the Atlantic is expected to become weaker next week and less expansive. Due to both of these factors, it is probable that Hurricane Lee will more than likely curve to the north sometime next week.

In this scenario, it’ll be a lower threat to the U.S. As mature hurricanes travel, they are steered by the wind flow and dips in the jet stream or troughs. They all play a crucial role in steering tropical systems. With recent Hurricane Idalia, we saw just that.

Due to the placement of Idalia when it entered the southeastern Gulf, an upper-level trough began to develop. That trough unfortunately was strong enough to act as a magnet, pulling Idalia into the Big Bend region of Florida.

As we go through early next week, the jet stream will begin to buckle to the south acting like a magnet pulling Lee to the north. Most models are in agreement with this scenario.

Jet Stream Dip

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