Get professional pics taken of your pup to raise money for shelters

Spots limited for next fundraiser

ORLANDO, Fla. – It's something you may want and something a shelter needs. A photography business has found a way for you to have a photo shoot of your dog, while also helping a local shelter.

Adam Goldberg and his wife, Mary, say they've raised over $140,000 since they first started this type of fundraiser in 2016. 

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"The staff at Humane Society Tampa Bay saw the adoption photos I was taking and asked me to host a fundraising event. The first one was back in August 2016 and went really well. I started reaching out to shelters all over Florida to do the same thing and then started reaching out to shelters and rescues all over the country. We travel all over the U.S.," Adam Goldberg said.

Right now, AGoldPhoto Pet Photography has several events in Florida, as well as other states like Tennessee, California and Colorado.

Pictures of your pet can benefit shelters. (Image: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography)
Pictures of your pet can benefit shelters. (Image: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography)

Goldberg said some of their Central Florida events fill up pretty quickly. They usually average 18 to 24 dogs per fundraising event, and they already only have a few spots left for their next fundraiser in Orlando Nov. 3. You can sign up for the event here.

It's an $80 sitting fee, with $50 going to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. That's in addition to photo packages starting at $75.

"The money raised at pet photo fundraisers helps support Pet Alliance's two animal shelters and the more than 6,000 homeless dogs and cats we care for each year. The partnership has resulted in $6,250 in donations from AGoldPet Photography. It is a great opportunity for people to receive professional photos of their pets and support a great cause," said Cathy Rodgers, with Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. 

A big question you may be asking when it comes to these photo shoots is, "How do they keep the dogs still?"

Adam says patience and treats like peanut butter come in handy.

Pictures of your pet can benefit shelters. (Image: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography)
Pictures of your pet can benefit shelters. (Image: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography)

But what about dogs who are nervous around new people?

"Most will come out of their shell with a little bit of time and high-value treats like cheese and patience. Sometimes we ask the owner to step away because they may be making their dog nervous inadvertently," Adam Goldberg said. 

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Adam also said if the dog isn't enjoying the session, they won't continue. 

Ultimately, they want to make sure your furry best friend is comfortable. 

If you're unable to make it to the Nov. 3 event, there will be a fundraiser in Ocala Nov. 14, and again in Orlando Jan. 9. 

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