Ask Trooper Steve: What is an International Driving Permit?

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

Ask Trooper Steve: What is an international driving permit?
Ask Trooper Steve: What is an international driving permit?

News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions and shares tips about the rules of the road, helping Central Florida residents become better drivers by being better educated.

One viewer asked, “What is an International Driving Permit?”

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Trooper Steve said in his early days as a Florida trooper in Central Florida, he remembers running into them and thinking that the driver made it at home.

“An International Driving Permit is a valid form of drivers license in roughly 150 countries worldwide. It translates your home country/state driver’s license into a multitude of different languages,” he said.

He also added in order for drivers to receive these permits, they must have a valid home location driver’s license.

“Another country cannot issue an IDP to be used in conjunction with a U.S. driver’s license. An IDP accompanying a U.S. driver’s license can only be issued in the United States,” Trooper Steve said.

Why would you need an IDP?

“An IDP gives you a little ease when it could be stressful while you are exploring the world, even if you’re not planning to operate a motor vehicle in that country,” he said. “It also makes life a lot easier when it comes to renting a vehicle in a country that may not understand your driver’s license.”

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