Marvel fans ecstatic after seeing early showing of 'Avengers'

'Avengers: Endgame' shatters box office records across the world

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Marvel fans in Central Florida filled movie theaters on Thursday to see opening day of Avengers: Endgame.

At AMC Theatre Altamonte Springs, a fan event was held with a 5 p.m. viewing.

"Overwhelmingly in my opinion, it was more than I could ever expect," said Christian Carcache.

"It's my favorite movie I've seen so far," said Ren Slazinski

Moviegoers said they wanted to see the movie on the first day in order to prevent hearing spoilers.

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"I'm very ecstatic, so like I want to tell people, but like, I can't do that because that's rude," said Charmin St. Germain

Another fan said despite the three hour movie, she didn't even step away to use the restroom.

"The fights were really good. It's like your into it. It makes three hours go by like, 20 minutes. So fast," said Eris Fitzgerald.
Advengers: Endgame has already shattered box office records across the world.

Presale and same day sales have already totaled about $300 million dollars world-wide in the first two days. Some experts estimate the final movie in the sage will bring in close to $1 billion dollars world-wide opening weekend. 

"There were moments where the entire auditorium just erupted in cheers and laughs. There was one part where it was just dead silent," said Fay Ray.
"Everybody there was a fan since you know, yay high. It's been 11 year legacy and now it's all coming to an end," said Neo Issa.

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Several people said that getting tickets to the first sure was a challenge weeks ahead of time.
"Fandango crashed the day you are suppose to buy tickets and so I drove over here in the rain and stood in line to make sure we could see it on the first day," said Terry O'Neal. 
Several AMC theaters will be open 24 hours starting this weekend, including their location in West Melbourne. 

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AMC also said presale tickets for Avengers: Endgame have been the highest of any movie in the company's 99 year history.

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