Recent high school graduates can start at Seminole State College for free thanks to new program

Deadline to apply is April 28

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A new program at Seminole State College gives 2020 Florida high school graduates the opportunity to start college at no cost.

The Bridge the Gap program was developed in partnership with Seminole County Public Schools, but is open to any 2020 graduate who has not yet started college.

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Seminole State College’s director of academic success Joe Huston said 2020 graduates left high school in a climate of uncertainty, and this program is designed to give them a solid start to higher education. Students will take two classes this summer, one called “College Success.”

“So that’s a survey course that helps frame the experience for students. Helps them understand good ways to navigate college content and make their way through the college experience successfully and we’re also going to enroll them in English 1, which is a great course to start them and is a general education requirement for everyone’s program,” Huston said.

Huston said a “math boot camp” will also be offered at the end of the summer and he calls it “consequence-free.”

Huston said 100 spots are available and the deadline to apply is Wednesday.

He said to fill out an interest form by the end of the day on Wednesday and an academic advisor will contact applicants. He said a similar program for 2021 Florida graduates launches in June.

To learn more about Bridge the Gap or to apply, visit Seminole State College online here.

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