‘The man inside is dead:’ Woman calls 911 after Mount Dora store owners found fatally shot

Khiem Ba Trinh, Minh Nguyen fatally shot while closing T&N Market last week

Mount Dora police release video of a man they say shot and killed a store owner.

MOUNT DORA, Fla. – More than one week after a Mount Dora couple was shot to death while closing their store, authorities have released a new 911 call detailing the moment residents found the shooting victims.

According to Mount Dora Interim Police Chief Brett Meade, the victims, Khiem Ba Trinh (Ken), 56, and Minh Nguyen (Tina), 47, were closing T&N Market last Monday night when they were shot multiple times by an unknown gunman.

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Nguyen was pronounced dead at the scene and Trinh was airlifted to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford. According to family members, Trinh was on life support until police said he died Thursday. The case is now being investigated as a double homicide.

In a 911 call released Tuesday, a woman tells a dispatcher she and a man had gone to T&N Market to try to buy some cigars when the man discovered the crime scene inside the store.

“The man dead in the store, lady,” the 911 caller told the dispatcher. “Oh, Jesus.”

The dispatcher asked the woman to tell her exactly what happened.

“I don’t know. Me and my man went down there to get some Black and Milds. He went in the store, he came out, he said, ‘Babe, let’s get out of here. I don’t know if the killer’s still in here but the man in the store is dead,’” the woman said.

The man who reportedly saw the victims can be heard on the call saying it appeared the man in the store had been shot.

The woman told the dispatcher she and the man left to “get the hell away from there” but begged the dispatcher to get police to the scene right away.

A different woman was arrested last week after police said they discovered that she walked into the store, saw that the couple had been shot and heard them in distress but left without helping them or notifying authorities. Undrea Dixon later told police she looked over the counter and saw Trinh and heard him moaning, according to the department.

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Mount Dora police on Wednesday released video of a gunman who they say shot two store owners, killing one of them, during a robbery.

No other arrests have been made in connection with the case but police hope video from outside the store that shows a gunman wearing dark clothing and forcing Trinh back into the store where the robbery and shooting occurred will help lead to an arrest.

The armed robber is then seen on video leaving the store while carrying a white bag.

The assailant was described as a man with a thin build.

“This individual will be caught,” Mount Dora Interim Police Chief Brett Meade said. “Please help us pass this information on so we can bring this individual to justice.”

In addition to the new 911 call, Meade released a video on Tuesday asking the community to use the call as another way to help investigators connect the dots.

Mount Dora police are asking the community to continue calling in any information about the double homicide at T&N Market last week.

Meade said his department is doing everything it can to keep the case fresh in hopes of bringing in new information that could help officers solve the case.

“Our investigators are working closely with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office to vigorously follow up tips,” Meade said. “We’re getting closer but we always need tips. That one tip may be the one that puts the puzzle together for us. Please call in those tips.”

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Mount Dora police or Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS. Meade again reminded the community that anyone with information that leads to an arrest could be eligible for a $10,000 reward.

Anyone who would like to donate to the victims’ family can do so via one of two options.

Community members who have organized the fund said, “Please help if you can. No amount is too small. The children of Ken and Tina need our support. They have lost both of their parents.”

The group said 100% of every dollar donated will help the family and no fees will be taken out.

Option 1

Go to the Mount Dora Community Trust site under the “Give” page, click “My Donation Is For *” in the dropdown menu and select “T and N Memorial Fund.”

Option 2

Go to MDCT or mail to:

821 N. Donnelly St.

Mount Dora, FL 32757

Each donation needs to be earmarked for the T and N Memorial Fund. Checks made to Mount Dora Community Trust should include the memo: T and N Memorial Fund.

All donations will be considered a tax free charitable donation.