Add some Disney Magic or Hogwarts to your home with these frameable Lego sets

Mickey and Minnie, Hogwarts Crests sets double as decor

Harry Potter and Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lego sets. (Images: LEGO) (WKMG)

ORLANDO, Fla. – You’re never too old to play with toys or obsess over your favorite childhood television shows or movies -- or in this case, do both at the same time.

Harry Potter fans can now add a little Hogwarts to their homes with a new collection of Lego sets. You can either celebrate your favorite Hogwarts house by building one of the four different crests -- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw -- or combine all four to make the ultimate Hogwarts crest.

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Harry Potter-themed Lego sets. (Image: LEGO) (WKMG)

Lego is also offering an immersive soundtrack for Harry Potter fans to get lost in as they relax and recharge while building. The soundtrack includes stories of those close to the Wizarding World, including:

  • Miraphora Mina, graphic designer for the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts films
  • Eduardo Lima, graphic designer for the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts films
  • Alan Gilmore, creative director for the Harry Potter films
  • Pierre Bohanna, head prop maker for the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts films
  • Kitt Kossmann, LEGO designer

The 2D tile mosaic 4,249-piece set, once put together, can double as decor as it hangs proudly on your wall.

And don’t worry, in the event loyalties change, the crests set can be reimagined in a number of ways.

The set is available to builders 18 and older. Click here for price details.

Looking for a little less Hogwarts house and a little more Mickey Mouse clubhouse? Don’t worry, Lego has some decor options for Disney fans, too.

Make some room for Mickey and Minnie because once you finish building these sets, you’re going to want them on display.

One of the new 2,658-piece sets can be reconfigured to display either Mickey or Minnie or two sets can be combined by any builder who wants the happy couple hanging together.

Mickey Mouse-themed Lego set. (Image: LEGO) (WKMG)

Of course, this one comes with a soundtrack, too, which features stories of those close to the cartoon couple, including:

  • David Pacheco, creative director and character artist at Disney
  • Jeff Shelly, character artist at Disney
  • Brian Blackmore, principal character artist at Disney
  • Ron Cohee, senior character artist at Disney
  • Fiorella Groves, LEGO designer

Mickey and Minnie sets are also available online to anyone 18 and older. Click here for details.

Happy building!