Champion World Resort closes abruptly leaving employees, guests with no answers

Former employees say guests were told to vacate property with no notice

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Former employees at a Kissimmee resort are looking for answers after it closed abruptly leaving employees without a job and guest without a place to stay.

The front entrance to Champion World Resort is closed off to the public turning away everyone, including former employees.

Some former employees said losing their job overnight was unexpected.

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“I don’t know,” one of those former employees, Minerva Varela Mondragon said. “I feel like in shock because I didn’t think this was going to happen.”

Mondragon stood with one of her children Friday while talking with News 6 as she says she is frantically thinking about what’s next for her.

This comes after Mondragon says she and her co-workers received a last-minute notice Thursday night that Champion World Resort was closing its doors and her employment was terminated without any explanation.

“They didn’t even want us to go to the front entrance, these new owners are kicking us out. Now that they told us to come here, they don’t let us get close to the front entrance,” Mondragon said.

Former employees of the resort say what they do know is that the owners of the resort sold the hotel.

The new owners are keeping quiet, but employees say they need answers.

Juliana Sanchez said she has been working for Champion World Resort for 30 years and says she can’t see herself doing anything else.

“It is very difficult for me, it is very difficult because I was already adapted and use to that job and I feel that this is unjust,” Sanchez said.

Neither of the employees News 6 spoke with were working when the resort closed, but said that both resort guests and employees, even resort managers, did not know about the closure and had to make last minute adjustments.

“The things that they are doing to us is unjust, for real, from one moment to the next you don’t do this,” Mondragon said.

News 6 has tried to get ahold of the owners of the resort, but have not heard back as of this report.

Employees said that they are expecting their last paycheck, but after that they say their situation looks grim as they start their search for work.

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