Suspect in Daytona Beach police shooting had ties to Black militia group

Atlanta police join search for Othal Wallace

ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta police searched for a man on Thursday who was linked to the shooting of a Daytona Beach police officer a day earlier.

DBPD investigators said Othal Wallace, 29, was seen on police body camera shooting Officer Jayson Raynor and leaving in a car with California license plates.

On Thursday, News 6 confirmed police in Atlanta were issued a Be On The Lookout alert for Wallace, and officers said they were combing the city for any sign of him.

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Investigators would not say why they were looking in Atlanta.

Meantime, a Black milita-style group called NFAC, confirmed Wallace used to be a member of their organization.

NFAC was seen in the past year at several rallies across the nation supporting victims of police shootings, such as Breonna Taylor.

Debbie James, a spokeswoman for NFAC Global, told News 6 Wallace was terminated from their group in January.

“It doesn’t even really exist no more. The NFAC. It’s pretty much over,” Brandon Oliver said.

Oliver said Wallace -- also known as Ozone -- was not involved with the group anymore, and he had turned his life over to God.

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Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said his investigators were aware of Wallace’s connection.

“I don’t get it -- why some people say the right is better than the left. Man! Violent extremism is violent extremism. We in the middle of the country got to stamp it out,” he said.

“The NFAC is a strong law abiding organization that does not espouse anti-Semitic, left or right wing views,” James countered.

Oliver challenged what led up to Wallace being stopped by Raynor in the first place, and he said he had questions about what led up to the shooting.

He also feared Wallace may not make it out of his run from law enforcement alive.

“Nobody wants him killed,” Oliver said. “If anything, Ozone, I will tell you to turn yourself into the police. Turn yourself into the police because the only thing they want to do is kill you.”

Anyone with information about Wallace’s whereabouts should call the Volusia County Emergency Operations Center at 386-671-5555.

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