Meet Brevard Zoo’s newest additions: Sky and Rita, two white-nosed coatis

The zoo announced the new members of the coati band on Thursday

White-nosed coatis at Brevard Zoo. (Brevard Zoo)

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla – Two white-nosed coatis have made their debut at the Brevard Zoo and are now part of the coati band, according to the zoo’s website.

Sky and Rita came to join Brevard Zoo’s older coati residents Lupita and Katie and their 1-year-old trio, Tito, Agave and Romi, the zoo said Thursday.

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The newest smaller coatis were born in a private facility in Texas and are now part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ White-Nosed Coati Species Survival Plan managed by the director of animal programs of the Brevard Zoo.

White-nosed coatis in Brevard Zoo. (Brevard Zoo)

The introduction process between Sky and Rita and the rest of the coati band has begun, so there will be a howdy period where all interactions occur with a barrier between them before a monitored in-person meeting, the zoo said.

Experts said white-nosed coatis are highly adaptable animals that can be found in different areas ranging from northern South America up to Arizona, according to the zoo.

The Brevard Zoo said wild populations of coatis are decreasing due to large-scale habitat loss and in some areas hunting.

To see Sky and Rita in action, stop by Rainforest Revealed at the Brevard Zoo.

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