Think outside the traffic box: New Orlando art initiative to make city more beautiful

13 artists will be selected to paint traffic boxes around the

ORLANDO, Fla. – To make the city even more beautiful, Orlando is thinking outside the box.

The City District’s Traffic Box Art Program is the latest initiative encouraging local artists to showcase their talents.

The program allows artists to paint traffic boxes throughout the district, transforming the mundane into the magical with a flick of a brush.

According to the City District website, officials are hoping to raise $10,000 so that 13 artists will be selected to paint 13 traffic boxes at select locations around downtown Orlando.

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Each artist selected is granted a stipend and all necessary supplies to bring their vision to life.

Artists can submit proposals to a volunteer selection committee through June 5.

“We’re looking for artists who have a unique style and perspective, and who are passionate about creating art that speaks to our community,” the website reads.

For more information on this initiative and how you can apply, click here.

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