WATCH: Bodycam video shows chaotic scene following shooting of Ocala mother Ajike Owens

Owens, 35, was shot, killed on June 2 by Susan Lorincz, 58, investigators say

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released body-camera video Friday to News 6 from the night Ajike Owens, a mother of four, was shot and killed in the culmination of a longtime feud between neighbors.

The video picks up moments after deputies arrived at a neighborhood in the 1600 block of SW 108th Lane on June 2, the night Owens was shot through the door by her 58-year-old neighbor, Susan Lorincz, according to the sheriff’s office.

As the video begins, neighbors are seen and heard directing deputies to Lorincz’s apartment. Investigators said Lorincz shot Owens through the door of her apartment and at this point in the video, the accused killer is still inside her home.

As deputies approach the apartment, a woman can be heard in the video saying, “Baby, wake up,” repeatedly, likely talking to Owens, who is, at this point in the video, still alive on the ground after being shot. Another person is heard off-camera calling for someone to begin CPR on Owens.

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About a minute into the video, deputies identify themselves outside of Lorincz’s apartment and order her out of the home. Seconds later, Lorincz exits the apartment, is immediately placed in handcuffs and told she is being detained.

The video shows Lorincz is then placed inside a cruiser while the deputy wearing the body camera goes to assist with CPR. In the video, someone is heard telling the deputy that Owens still has a pulse as he begins CPR.

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The CPR continues for several minutes, but eventually, the paramedics arrive and take over. The video then shows deputies clearing Lorincz’s home. The video shows deputies then go to check on Lorincz, who is still handcuffed inside of a cruiser. During this interaction, Lorincz is heard on video asking the deputy to secure her home.

After this interaction, an ambulance is seen pulling away from the scene, presumably with Owens inside.

The deputy is then seen questioning witnesses, including a boy who was playing the street at the time of the shooting. In the video, the boy is heard telling the officer that there was a confrontation between Owens and Lorincz earlier in the day over an iPad. The boy can also be heard saying that he heard Owens banging on Lorincz’s door before hearing gunshots.

After the boy is questioned, another man is heard on the video telling deputies that the neighborhood is “always hot” and that it likely would not be safe for Lorincz to return.

Investigators would later say Owens had gone over to Lorincz’s home to confront the 58-year-old about throwing a pair of skates her child.

Deputies said the two had several run-ins prior to the shooting.

Neighbors told deputies that Lorincz often insulted children, using racial slurs, for playing in a field near her apartment that she believed to be hers, even though the neighbors said it was a common area for everyone’s use. Children said it was the largest field to play in at the complex.

An affidavit and other records show Lorincz had several run-ins with Owens regarding her children playing in the common area over the past year. Calls to the sheriff’s office show Lorincz complained about children trespassing on her property, but it was always determined they had really just been in the common area. In all, deputies were called to the neighborhood a dozen times over the course of the neighborhood feud, records show.

Following the shooting, it took several days for deputies to ultimately arrest Lorincz as investigators looked into her claims of self-defense.

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However, when Lorincz told deputies in the second interview that Owens’ actions were not “reasonable or prudent,” deputies asked why Lorincz used those specific words.

That’s when Lorincz admitted to researching self-defense laws as recently as the day of the interview, and “possibly” researching stand-your-ground laws in the past.

Lorincz faces a charge of manslaughter.

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