Allow me to introduce myself -- and make you smarter

News 6 Now newsletter -- 5/1/19


This is the part where I tell you it's Wednesday and that I'm about to take you through everything you need to know for your hump day, but before I do that, I believe I have some explaining to do.

It just dawned on me that I've been putting together this daily newsletter for you for about a year now and have yet to formally introduce myself. How rude! Haven't you wondered who writes all these bad puns?


Nice to meet you.

My name is Brianna Volz, but you can call me Bri. For starters, you should know I'm not the girl in the generic picture at the top of this newsletter. She's chilling with her feet up on a couch. Me, I'm wearing heels and trying to sit up straight at my office desk. Anywho, I'm part of the ClickOrlando.com team, but you can catch me every weekday on News 6 at Nine talking about what's popping online, and on News 6's Snapchat and Instagram show, "ClickO on the Go," where I tell you what you need to know in less than two minutes. Basically, regardless of which platform I'm using, it's my job to make you smarter in less than five minutes, all while having just a little bit of fun. Now, let me do that.

Here's what's trending on ClickOrlando.com:

Watching the tropics

How soon is too soon to be talking about activity in the tropics? The answer is "always," but unfortunately, we are. Keep an eye on the system in the tropics that could develop near Florida.

Arming teachers


How do you feel about your student's teacher being armed? Could that be a good thing in the event of an emergency, or does that pose new threats? See the bill just passed in Florida that allows more armed teachers and tell us what you think of it by voting in our poll.

New Disney rules

We've been talking about them for months, but today is the day big changes roll out at Disney's theme parks. If you smoke, vape, use strollers or pack your own ice, I'm talking to you. See how the changes will affect your next visit.

Crocs, meet fanny packs

Two of the most often teased fashion items are uniting. You guessed it: You can now buy Crocs with fanny packs. Honestly, Crocs and fanny packs are like Nickelback. People love to make fun of them, but they still sell (I'll always defend Nickelback. Don't @ me). Get a look at the hot new collab you need in your closet.

Impossible burgers booming

The meat in Impossible Burgers is fake, but the demand for it is very real. So real, that the company says it's struggling to keep up. Read the advice it has for any veggie lovers planning to order it at dinner tonight.

Let it rain?

If you're still thinking about the system that's being monitored in the tropics a month before hurricane season even starts, don't worry. I am, too. So now would be a good time to let you know it's probably going to put a damper -- literally -- on the end of your week. If you're in denial about the rain, see it for yourself by checking the full forecast.

For more on any of these stories, or to see what else is happening, visit ClickOrlando.com. Trust me, there's never a dull moment in Central Florida. 

Catch you again for Thursday. In the meantime, let me know what you'd like to see more of in this newsletter by emailing me at bvolz@wkmg.com. Pleasure meeting you -- finally!

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